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In a few simple steps, let a script generate your low-poly customized rope bridge complete with end posts.

Customize your bridge with:

- varying size plank width.
- varying size gap between planks.
- rigid (level) or physics-based (hanging).

For your convenience:
- Script is fully commented in C#.
- Drag 'n' drop in Inspector to create prefab bridges.
- Created from Unity primitives (very light on resources).
- Sliders in inspector to easily change options.
- Import your own wood & rope textures.
- Colliders added when bridge generates.
- Complete with demo scene to show some possible bridge types.

Once you have created your prefab bridge, you can change it to fit your needs depending on what weight you need the bridge to hold.  

NOTE 1: We are unable to provide physics support.

NOTE 2: Due to licensing, no textures were included in this asset.  I can recommend textures.com where you can search for free 'wood' and 'rope' textures.  Just save or drag them into your project assets folder, then drag them from the Project pane onto the game objects.

NOTE 3: This asset is compatible with Unity 2017.1 and newer.

If you have any issues with the asset, please contact us at bitgamey@gmail.com thank you!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

SimpleScriptedPhysicsRopeBridge.unitypackage 339 kB


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"Due to licensing, no textures were included in this asset"
Explain this please.

Hi, thanks for asking.  I included 'materials', per the demo scene (brown, green and blue) but since I haven't personally created any 'textures' (to show rope or wood grain) then I didn't include any.  A quick visit to textures.com and a couple of searches for free rope and wood textures will allow you to personalize the bridge even further. Since I am not authorized to include textures from other creators, they were not included.